06. January 2019 - 8:45
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West Coast Oban and Inveraray (£24.00 per head) | Glasgow University Students' Representative Council | Sunday, 06. January 2019

Overview of Tour
Welcome to Student Tours Scotland and the Unviersity of Glasgow Welcome Programme. This tour is one of six we have specially designed to give new study abroad, undergrad and postgrad and ERASMUS students as well as all others a great welcome to Scotland. On this tour wwe travel to the west coast of Scotland to see two towns: Inveraray and Oban. You'll get the chance to walk around some of the bays as well as take in the sights and stories along the way.
Important Information
Date: Sunday 06 January 2019
Cost: £24.00 per head
Meeting Time: 0845 hours on University Avenue at the Main Gate
Departure Point: Main Gate, University Avenue, Glasgow West End
Google Map Link: 
What to Bring
You do not need to print your ticket.
Good shoes for walking or shoes you do mind getting a little dirty.
Clothing to keep you warm and dry in case of bad weather.
10p and 20p pieces as some toilets cost money in Scotland.
Snack in case you get hungry on the bus. Water in case you get thirsty while travelling.
Bring a pen. You'll find out why at the end of the tour. It's worth it!
Refund Policy
Normal refund policy is 1that you must request your refund by logging into eventbrite and selecting Manage My Booking and then following the instructions before 1200 noon on the Wednesday of the week of your tour. If your tour is in January or September please note that the policy is different and is before 0900 hours on 25 December for January tours and 0900 hours on 25 August for September tours. No refunds can be given after this time however you are welcome to swap, sell or exchange your ticket to someone else after this time. You would need to do this yourself and you should tell the person to ask for you on the day of the tour. There is no need to update your booking otherwise. Ticket transfers are not possible.
Personal Data Usage Policy
Please note that by joining a Student Tours Scotland tour you are agreeing to the following email usage:
- Joining Instructions email about the tour on the week before or the week of your tour.
- Additional email about travel or weather issues if necessary on the week of your tour.
- Three follow up emails sent at the same time on the week after your tour (one about Trip Advisor, one about future tours and the final one summarising the tour with links for further information). 
Your emergency contact details are taken on the day of travel and are destroyed after the tour itself. No details are kept by Student Tours Scotland for further use. Please check Eventbrite policy for how Eventbrite stores your data.