19. September 2019 - 9:45 till 16:00
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Step into your Light Self improvement Workshop Day | Eden House Hotel | Thursday, 19. September 2019

"Stepping into your light is huge It’s scary Anyone & everyone should do it!

Drop the labels people have given you, strip off from the negative beliefs life has attached to you, and be the person who you are on the inside and hold your life in your hands as the precious adventure that it is." you will hear/see me say this a lot.
During my step into your light workshop day, we will spend a whole day helping you to do just that!

A limited number of places are available on this day and it is actually going to be hard work, fun and more fun but we are going to make changes to you - within you - we are going to sort out at least one those nasty blockages that are stopping you from stepping into your light and living the life you should be the life you deserve!!
We will start the day off with a get to know you session, some high energy motivation and of course a cuppa!
We will then hit some of the hard things between the eyes and start to look at where we are coming from within ourselves in our lives. 
We will then challenge ourselves with some positive ways forward that pack a punch at stopping old habits/thoughts/behaviours. 
After a well-deserved lunch will get back down to work with some takeaway tools to keep you on track and hitting those goals you may have felt blocked from when you arrived that morning! 
Refreshments & Buffet Lunch are Included