26. September 2019 - 15:00 till 17:00
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Supporting Mental Health for Children and Young People | Archers Brook School | Thursday, 26. September 2019

ObjectiveThis course is designed to allow professionals to gain a better understanding of how mental health and mental ill health impacts children and young people.
OutcomeIt will allow staff to gain confidence in supporting children and young people with mental health concerns. Staff can achieve a certificate from CITA for attendance to all three sessions.
Session One - 26 September 2019Introduction - To contextualise and clarify mental health and mental ill-health in children and young people.  To learn about the risk factors and potential triggers which may affect children and young people’s mental health.
Session Two - 13 November 2019To know the impact of children and young people’s mental health concerns, and how help can be sought from organisations to remove barriers.  To understand children and young people’s mental health concerns and the behavioural impact mental ill-health concerns present.
Session Three - 15 January 2020To learn why a personal approach can support children and young people with mental health concerns.  Reflection and review (www and ebi format).  Mental Health action plan writing.

These sessions can be booked individually or as a block booking for all three sessions with 15% discount (£153 plus fees).  To book all three sessions please email admin@cita.education