02. January 2019 - 16:30
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Free family cycle training sessions | Conducted from your home address | Wednesday, 02. January 2019

Free family cycle training sessions
If you and your family are fairly new to cycling and would like some advice before taking the next step, our family cycle training sessions can help.
These two-hour sessions based from your Greater Manchester home address, are led by a professional instructor who will share the skills and knowledge that will help take the stress out of escorting children safely and with confidence, leaving you all to enjoy your future cycling times together.
Sessions are ideal for small families, with at least one member being an *****.  
Following an observation of current cycling ability, adults will be taught the necessary skills required to lead safe cycling trips to school, local shops, swimming baths or local park etc, showing you how to ride protectively with your children and how to encourage them to use their bikes more.
Register your interest and one of our experienced instructing team will be in touch to arrange a session at your convenience.
Please note, this is not to teach people how to ride but to help participants to cycle safely as a family/group.
For further information about this course and our one-to-one training offer for those aged 12 and above, please email further details.