19. September 2019 - 9:00
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Wellbeing Coaching Programme - Greater Manchester, September | DW Stadium | Thursday, 19. September 2019

A unique opportunity get ILM Endorsement as a Wellbeing Coach.
Wellbeing coaching has emerged as a fresh approach to health improvement, enhancing motivation and commitment to healthy behaviours. This programme is aimed at coaches who would like to develop their understanding and practical skills in coaching adults and young people to achieve their own wellbeing.

Course description

This 2 day ILM Endorsed programme will help you to empower clients with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to make necessary lifestyle and behavioural changes to improve their health and quality of life.
The course covers key areas including:

‘Setting the scene’ – The health care challenge
Coaching toolkit
Client wellbeing assessment
Vision, planning & goals
Coaching behaviour change
Readiness for Change

If you would like to have a conversation about the programme please contact Amy (email: amy@britishschoolofcoaching.com or phone: 01744 605046) who would be happy to help.

This course is for you if you...


Are a coach
Have a passion for helping others
Are considering going into wellbeing/health coaching

As this programme is designed for coaches, a baseline of coaching knowledge is required and during the workshops you will be required to do coaching sessions. 

Feedback from BSC Learners

"This was exactly what I needed to set up the wellbeing coaching that I have started working on" Teacher and Coach, November 2015
“The whole course was great, all of it was relevant, important and interesting… It was a real treat to be lectured by someone so knowledgeable, professional and insightful as Brenda was.” Occupational Health Nurse Specialist, Oxford University, March 2016
"I really enjoyed the way the material was presented, there was rigour and depth of content along with lots of opportunities to practice. Brenda created a really supportive atmosphere which allowed everyone to be very open and honest. I feel that the wellbeing programme is a valuable addition to my other coaching qualifications, it has given me much more insight into the emotional impact behind goal setting which will be useful in my practice" Coach, October 2017
Having completed the programme...
"We will be looking to see how our existing coaches can influence their approaches with some wellbeing tools and how to use these approaches in school with the children." Deputy Headteacher, June 2015
I will... "look at setting up a research project to work with children going though transition" Indpedendent Coach, June 2015
I will "improve my practice by bringing more structure and using a good established framework" Independent Coach, November 2015
I will "review support for employees of the university and consider coaching as an alternative to counselling for performance issues" Learning and Development Manager, March 2016
"I will definitely offer structured wellbeing coaching as part of fitness" Personal Trainer, October 2017
"Firstly I will focus on my own wellbeing and put in changes in environment, diet and exercise, to gain confidence to begin coaching business" Property Support for London Churches, October 2017

Tutor Profile

Brenda McKay, BSC Tutor, RN, DipN, MBA, ILM L7, FISQCAs a previous Director of Clinical Programmes & Chief Nurse of Cromwell Hospital in London, Brenda has many years of experience in providing coaching as a fundamental solution to staff performance, collegiality, morale and support. She was a board member with responsibilities for 65% of a multidisciplinary and trans-cultural workforce which included senior clinical & non clinical managers, team leaders and staff. In her capacity as senior tutor at BSC, she now uses these experiences to deliver coaching and mentoring training.OrAna Paula Nacif, BSC Tutor, ACC, MAC, MSc (Coach.Psy)Ana is an accredited coach, trainer and facilitator, with over seven years’ experience in design and delivery of training programmes in commercial, public and not-for-profit organisations. Ana provides training in management, leadership and coaching. She also provides facilitation support for teams and leadership group events and workshops. Ana’s areas of specialisation are wellbeing, leadership, management, personal development and career transition.

BSC Refund Policy for this course
If cancel more than 60 days we will refund 75% If cancel between 59 and 21 we will refund 50% If cancel less than 21 days no refund