17. September 2019 - 9:00 till 11:00
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Active Listening: Listening Effectively to Children (2 Part Course) | Ealing Education Centre | Tuesday, 17. September 2019

An experiential active listening course covering the following topics. In part one participants will: - Gain a basic understanding of neuroscience and what happens to a child’s brain when they are angry - Understand what causes a child to meltdown - Learn how to help children regulate their emotions - Learn how we can listen more effectively and as a result have children listen to us - Acquire strategies to support conflict resolution and enable children problem solve - Have the opportunity to practice techniques both in a course environment and back in school - Receive support to effectively apply strategies in their own work In part two participants will:
- Reflect on their experiences putting some of the learnt skills into practice - Discuss and feedback what worked, what didn’t work so well and receive support in identified areas - Gain a further understanding about neuroscience and how to integrate the different parts of the brain - Have further opportunities to practice techniques
Training Objectives - participants will:
- Have a greater understanding of how the brain works and what happens when we are distressed
- Have a greater understanding of how to support children to regulate their emotions
- Learn how to listen with empathy
- Feel more confident to listen effectively to children
- Feel more confident to support children with conflict resolution and problem solving
- Obtain resources and run a listening service for children and leave with an action plan to deliver in school