11. May 2020 - 8:30
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Advanced Assessor Skills | Guildford | PSI Talent Management | Monday, 11. May 2020

Develop the knowledge and skills needed to become a qualified assessor, a qualified interviewer and to purchase simulation exercises. This course is suitable for those who have some experience of assessment and development centres.
By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

Explain the key principles of Assessment & Development Centres
Understand how unconscious bias can affect objectivity and how to manage and mitigate it
Describe the components of a typical Competency and recognise appropriate positive and negative behavioural indicators
Identify different types of Assessment/Development Centre Exercise and the competencies typically assessed by each
Demonstrate their ability to complete the Behavioural Assessment Process (Observe, Record, Classify and Evaluate – or ORCE) effectively for a variety of Exercises
Prepare, deliver and assess a structured competency based interview
Prepare and present their candidate data in accurate behavioural terms, supported by relevant examples for inclusion in a data integration discussion
Write a candidate report outlining strengths and development needs against individual Competencies and Exercise Types
Prepare for and run a **** to **** feedback session of average difficulty