27. August 2019 - 9:00
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SUMMER CAMP | WEEK 2 | 27th, 28th, 29th & 30th August | Flair Gymnastics : GUILDFORD | Tuesday, 27. August 2019

SUMMER CAMP | WEEK 2 | 27th, 28th, 29th & 30th AugustHolliday Camp is being held for 4 days from 9.00am until 1.00pm
Suitable for children aged 4 -17yrs
Super-charge your child's learning during the holidays and accelerate their confidence and gym skills too!4 action-packed hours of the most exciting holiday camp programme around!3 Super-FUN learning zones!TUMBLE - TRAMPOLINE - ACROAmazing coaching professionals!
Children are grouped by age and then by ability | We welcome all abilities at camp.From Beginner (no past experience) -  through to Expert (can backflip or somersault)
TIMES9.00am: Arrival1.00pm: Pick-Up
THEMESEveryone loves a theme... and the themes for the half term camp are:Tuesday 27th August | Under The SeaWednesday 28th August | AnimalsThursday 29th August | Super HerosFriday 30th August | Disney
Your coaching team always dress-up to match each theme and the warm-ups and training zones all run to the daily theme, with themed music and hidden surprises and prizes along the way.
A FUN environment is the best environment for learning and that's just what we have created for YOU at CAMP
HOLIDAY CAMP SURVIVAL KITPlease bring with you...

Drinking water or a non-fizzy drink.
A healthy light snack (eg. fruit and fruit bar)
Clean socks to wear on the trampolines.
Any medication needed (eg. Asthma pump).
Bags of energy.

BREAKSThere will be 'mini breaks' (for drinks) after each ZONE.
WHAT TO WEARAny of the following can be worn during camp.T-shirt, shorts, leotard, leggings, tracksuit.Bare feet for Gymnastics and SOCKS for trampolining.
WHAT PARENTS ARE SAYING ABOUT CAMPKathryn Neve, mum of Elise-Bella"The themed sessions were a great idea, lots of energy and fun."* * * * *
Jilly Kinsey-Wellings, mum of Kieran, Austin and Monty"My boys, being a bit older than most of the children there, really entered into the spirit of things and absolutely loved it, so much so that they wanted to come back another day. This was mainly because of the wonderful leadership of the girls coaching, they knew what they were doing but also wanted everyone to have fun, and I think they got the balance right."* * * * *
Helen Stewart, mum of Peter"Peter really enjoyed the daily challenges and being part of the end of day display. He liked the coaches and enjoyed the company of the kids in his group."* * * * *
Rachel Nebbett, mum of Jay & CharleyI was delighted that the children wanted to come to the club, as usually they wouldn't entertain it. The atmosphere was brilliant and they loved all the activities. * * * * *
Victoria Abbott, mum of Lillie"My child really enjoyed herself . Your team were very good . The target books are an excellent idea. Many thanks" * * * * * 
Michael Sheridan, dad of Lily"Lily says: It is fun and helped improve my gymnastics skills a lot. I liked the variety of different activities that we did, I was impressed with the organisation and how many children got involved - which I think made it a more interesting and fun day for Lily. I also liked the medal!"* * * * *
Simone Churaman, mum of Saskia"My daughter absolutely enjoyed it"* * * * *
Karen Redparth, mum of Tillie"Great fun, trusted team leaders, coaching to try & learn new things was fantastic by Emily. Great couple of days thank you."* * * * *
Hannah Harris, mum of Ella"Ella enjoyed all aspects of the course especially trampolining. She found the staff very friendly and helpful. I felt I was leaving her in very capable hands."* * * * * 
James Langcake, dad of Tommy"It was great fun. The trampolining with the giant balloon was brilliant."* * * * *
Sarah Farmer, mum of Tiegan"The variety of activities and enthusiasm of the coaches was great."* * * * * 
Daniela Cook, mum of Georgia & Alicia"Coaches were great and very encouraging. My little one had never done any gymnastics or trampolining before and had high separation anxiety, but both my girls came out asking to return the next day!"* * * * *
Anna McConnell, mum of Malachi"The coaches were very good at involving my initially reticent 4-year-old. Once he got involved I could see that he was having a lot of fun and there was a good variety of exercises that even a young beginner could get to grips with." * * * * * 
Mandy Nicholson, mum of Jessica & Alexander"Staff were very well organised! Children weren't hyped up at pick up!!!! Children were happy and talked about what they had done, demonstrated later at home. Facilities were fab! The coaches remembered the children's names when saying goodbye, which I found endearing and showed they made great effort!, not just there!!!!!!* * * * * 
Q: Is there a minimum age for CAMP? 
A: The minimum age is 4 years old for Tumble Camp and 5yrs for trampolining master class. Children are grouped by age and by ability so we welcome all ages and abilities at camp.

Q: What happens at a TUMBLE CAMP and do you cater for all levels of ability?
A: Your budding young gymnast will have a warm-up and stretch and then break into a smaller group to work on the 3 action packed learning zones.
3. TRAMPOLININGChildren are grouped by age and by ability so we welcome all abilities at camp.
From Beginner (no past experience) - through to Expert (can back flip or somersault)
Because we cater for all levels of ability your child will always be working at the correct rate that is right for them.

Q: Do you have a lunch break?A: There are 'mini breaks' (for drinks & snacks, not a full lunch) after each ZONE.We don't break for lunch, so your little one will need refuelling with lunch after camp.

Q: Can I stay and watch CAMP?
A: We'd love to meet you and you are most welcome to stay and watch camp, we have a great viewing balcony at our Spectrum and Weybridge venue for you to feel part of the action!Equally, if you'd like to drop and dash, thats no problem either, we will ask for your contact mobile (during the online registration process) if we need to reach you. Go grab a coffee or hit the shops, BUT, don't forget to come and pick up your budding young gymnast at home time!

Q: What should my child wear to Camp?
A: Any of the following can be worn to class. T-shirt, shorts, leotard, leggings, tracksuit.
Bare feet for Gymnastics and SOCKS for trampolining.

Q: What should my child bring to Camp?
A: Please bring with you:
Drinking water or a non-fizzy drink.
Healthy light snack (eg. fruit and fruit bar)
Clean socks to wear on the trampolines.
Any medication needed (eg. Asthma pump).
Bags of energy.

Q: Can we just turn up to Tumble Camp without Booking?
A: You will need to book in advance for all TUMBLE CAMPS. This is so we can best cater for your child's needs by knowing a little information in advance like age, ability and any medical conditions. You will also need to make your payment for camp in advance.
For obvious safety reasons, we are unable to accept any children into the gym that have not completed, in advance, a registration booking form.

Q: Do you hold insurance and are the staff DBS (CRB) police checked?
A: As a professional and responsible company we operate strict and very thorough safety measures at our club and events including full insurance and DBS checks for all staff, you can read more about our safety measures HERE.

Q: Do you have first aid procedures at camp?
A: Each camp leader is first aid trained and holds a first aid qualification in line with our health, safety and welfare policies, you can read more about our safety measures HERE.

Q: I need to cancel my booking, can I have a refund?
A: Please triple check that you CAN make the dates that you are booking for, because once you hit that confirmation button on the payments page, all payments made for holiday camp bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable unless the student has a medical illness or injury. In the unlikely circumstance that we have to cancel a camp, we will offer an alternative day or venue or issue a refund.

Q: I have more questions, who should I speak to and how do I contact you?
A: Please reach out by Email hello@ukflair.com or by phone 01483 654440