07. January 2019 - 18:30
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Introduction to Bujinkan Martial Arts | Bujinkan Namiryu Dojo | Monday, 07. January 2019

This is an eight week course starting on Monday January 7th, 2019, offering interested people an opportunity to get a feel for what training in the Bujinkan Dojo style of Japanese martial arts is like.The course costs €75, and participants get:* 8 weeks of high quality instruction, tailored to each person's physicality, fitness and age.* A free black keiko-gi training uniform and white belt* A professionally printed manual* Weekly e-mail updates with notes.The content of the course includes:* Junan Taiso (stretching and physical maintainance drills)* Ukemi/Taihenjutsu (how to fall, roll and land safely when unbalanced)* Tsuki/Keri Gata (punching and kicking skills that teach integrated body movement)* Kihon gata (basic exercises)* Introduction to kenjutsu (the basics of the use of the Japanese sword)The training takes place in a fully spec'ed full time Japanese dojo in Harold's cross, with great facilities and free information is available at  note: people who have done this course previously are welcome to take part again for free, as many times as they wish.