13. September 2019 - 9:30 till 16:30
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Leading the Future - Discover Your Power | Creative Cubes, Hawthorn | Friday, 13. September 2019

“58% of women feel stressed at work, more than half the time” - Thrive Global survey
"81% of women felt overwhelmed or unable to cope in the last year" - Mental Health Foundation, thinktank

Women are working hard to achieve more, keep up with demands and expectations, prove themselves, feel deservedly recognised, experience success in their workplaces and fulfilment at home.
But we are our own worst enemies.

Women who desire to lead often discover that their ability to cultivate connection, facilitate engagement and lead through trust are less valued than their drive, motivation and determination.
In the process of striving to achieve, women become stuck in the Pendulum Swing - swinging back and forth between trying to control people and outcomes, and the opposite extreme of giving up, giving in and doing it all themselves.
Both are exhausting and neither satisfying or a true reflection of a woman’s capability for leading others to greater success.

While organisations may be participating in the equality, diversity and inclusivity conversation, research tells us that many are measuring their achievements by numbers reached rather than how empowered those women are to lead.
Commonly, organisations do not truly understand how to effectively mentor women and what they need in order to develop their confidence and become and stay visible in the workplace and their industry.

This 1 day workshop is designed specifically for women in leadership and management, to help them move from hiding and doubting to leading and influencing.  It provides the 3 essential elements for showing up in presence, speaking up with confidence and standing out to influence.

- Learn the essential skills for skillful communication, effective collaboration and successful negotiation
- Understand how to lead, manage and influence so that direct reports, peers and other stakeholders want to contribute more of themselves to the team and the organisation
- Develop the confidence and ability to have difficult conversations that build, rather than break, trust and empower people to elevate their performance and results.

1. Ideas Lost
When women feel like they need to either prove themselves to be respected, or keep themselves out of the limelight to feel safe, everyone loses. Organisations might be meeting the gender equality and diversity quota, but often don’t know how to provide the appropriate leadership development to educate and empower women to speak up with confidence and influence with presence.
New and innovative ideas are lost when women let their fear keep them from speaking up.
Strong women who appear outwardly confident can rely on bravado to get them through the day, but this facade can intimidate others and damage trust. On the other hand, women who put themselves last hold back because they don’t feel there’s space for them to show up.
2. Unfocused Teams
Teams need clear direction, explicit and agreed expectations, timely follow up and to be held accountable in ways that build trust and strengthen relationships. Women who are disempowered in having these real, intentional and outcome-focused conversations can default to firing off instructions and pushing their people harder, or over-compensating by doing more themselves.
Teams lack direction when their leader either avoids or tries to dominate the difficult conversations.
Both workarounds leave women frustrated and teams distrusting, causing downward spiral, low-level, costly conversations about broken processes and below the line attitudes.
3. Gender and diversity imbalance
Research tells us that while women are putting themselves forward for training, development and improvement, this isn’t translating in the same numbers to putting themselves forward for more senior roles. A Hewlett Packard internal report found that men apply for a job or promotion when they meet only 60% of the qualifications, while women apply only if they meet 100%.
Organisations suffer from an imbalance in leadership diversity when women don’t advocate for their abilities.
While women may be qualified, or even over-qualified, their self-doubt, criticism and fear of rejection keeps them from putting themselves forward with confidence.

This 1 day workshop is being hosted at Creative Cubes and facilitated by Karen Williams.
It includes morning and afternoon tea, lunch and workshop materials.
If you'd like to know more, contact Karen at karen@karenwilliams.com or 0404 575 829.
Otherwise if you're ready to register for yourself or someone else, click on the link and follow the instructions for payment or email Karen if you'd prefer to pay on invoice.
For groups of 5 or more please be in touch with Karen directly to arrange a group booking.

We look forward to welcoming the women in leadership who are ready to discover their full power.