27. August 2019 - 20:00 till 21:30
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NishkamSWAT Volunteer Training - “Managing Challenging Behaviour” | NishkamSWAT HQ | Tuesday, 27. August 2019

This is a very basic session about the history of NishkamSWAT, who we are, what we stand for, our core values, what you will expect from the homeless project, the "Do's the Don'ts" and maintaining a safe working environment for yourself and others too.A volunteer application form will need to be completed and brought to the training session which will be emailed to you once you have booked your ticket.
You will also receive a NishkamSWAT T-Shirt and there will be an opportunity to purchase a NishkamSWAT hoodie for £20.00 which we recommend as this will be your uniform to wear when ARE WE?As you drive onto Springfield Rd, a few hundred feet to your left is Sira Cash & Carry; turn left into the Sira Cash & Carry car park. Next to Sira's on the left in the same compound is another warehouse; the entrance for the training is on the side of the warehouse. A big red shutter will be partly open for you to come in. As you walk through the warehouse you will see a staircase near the back on the left, please come up, this is where the training will take name and number for the day or for any questions is Gags 07956022983