28. September 2020 - 8:00
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Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Air (including Radioactive) - Initial HCH | Swissport | Monday, 28. September 2020

The course is delivered over 5 days and is fully achievable within this period through individual and group exercises, tasks and activities. This is a regulated qualification accredited by the CAA.
The first three days of the course are dedicated to Dangerous Goods Acceptance, with the remaining two days planned for Radioactive Acceptance. Students are requested to complete an Introduction to Dangerous Goods prior to attending the course.
The course content has been tailored to suit Cargo Operational requirements and covers a wide range of topics required by staff working within the clerical operation. Students will need to complete two examination papers.
This course is open to Swissport Employees only.
If this course does not meet its minimum numbers it may be subject to cancellation. If you need to book non-refundable hotel or travel to attend this event, please check with HGB.Training@Swissport.com before booking.
How to book: Swissport Employees
Prior to booking, approval must be sought from local management for the time off to attend this course. In case of a no-show, your station will be charged up to £100 for non-attendance. Once agreed, the space must be booked using a @swissport.com or @flightcare-multiservices.com email address. Employees must select the ‘Swissport Employee’ free ticket option.
How to book: External CustomersThis course is not available to the public. Where non-employees select the 'free' booking link; your booking will not be valid.
Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?
You must ensure that you wear your Airport ID when attending this training course.