11. July 2020 - 9:30
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Splat Quack GO - 11 / 12th July 2020 | Poplar Park | Saturday, 11. July 2020

Home to the infamous, muddiest 'Black Ditch', boggy swampy streams, where you will be caked in mud. Over 40 obstacles including Walls, Monkey Bars, A-Frames, Cargo Nets, Balence Beams and plenty of funny and super fun challanges. The course is set out in a 3km Family or 6km ***** loop. The ***** Waves you can choose on the day to do one or two laps, though we find most people end up doing one lap as its quite a challanging couse. All 6/12km runners will receive a free T-Shirt. BOTH adults and family runners will all receive a metal medal. 
SATURDAY: FAMILY Waves 10.30am till 12.30pmRunners in the first wave can choose to do two laps on the day, but there is a second lap cut off time of 12.00pm
SUNDAY ***** WAVESElite Wave: 9.30am. Competitve wave, strickty limited to 50 runners and a two lap finish is compulsary. A band is given after one lap and all runners given an Elite medal, the fastest two lap runner will also win a Trophy
Standard Waves: 10.00am till 11.30am 6km OR 12km, you choose on the day
Team Wave: 12.30pm, for teams over 10 with discounted ticket pricing
Need TEAM time? If you prefer, we can send you a spreadsheet to fill in your teams details, then give you a range of payment options. Contact us for more info. 
There is a second lap cut off time of 2.30pm
******** WAVE PRICES INCREASE £2 EVERY 1ST DAY IN THE MONTH*** www.splatquack.com for full pricing. 
OUR RACES ARE DESIGNED TO BE FUN! Their are no penalties and the course is suitable for both beginners and those who wish to be tested. Many obstacles will have beginner options, such as small walls and high walls.
Each runner will also be given a rubber duck, their race number will be written on the side, it is not compulsory to carry the duck around the course with you. For every duck that makes it back to the finish line, we will donate 50p to our chosen charity. 
Parking, toilets and refreshments are all available on site along with entertainment. Full warm up provided by a qualified fitness instructor. 
Please note: There are no showers but there will be some wash down facilities provided to get the worst of the mud off!