09. January 2020 - 9:30 till 11:30
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****-sized Learning: How curiosity can help you be more effective, innovative and successful | The 1st Central County Ground | Thursday, 09. January 2020

How curiosity can help you be more effective, innovative and successful
Curiosity feeds innovation and life-long learning. It brings both personal and professional stimulation and success. It comes naturally to children, who spend all their time thinking and experimenting. As adults, we often forget how to be curious.
Curious intelligence can help you expand empathy, reduce conflict, stimulate innovative thinking and strengthen relationships. 
In this ****-sized session you’ll learn:
         The techniques you need to expand your curiosity and become more effective, innovative and successful

What curiosity is and where it comes from?
What the benefits are to an individual and a team
How to remove barriers to individual curiosity
How to develop a disposition to be curious
How to develop team curiosity through tools and techniques
Curiosity in action

You’ll leave with practical tools and techniques to improve curiosity and an action plan you can use to implement them.
Where? The County Cricket Ground
When? Thursday 9 January 
Who for? Business owners, managers, employees and individuals who want to learn how to use curiosity to be more successful and creative both personally and professionally.
Who by? Alexandra Pearson, co-founder, Yurt Academy. Alex is an entrepreneur and an inspirational trainer with a passion for personal development, team interaction, the arts and human potential. Alex has worked with thousands of leaders, managers and employees in personal development and creative thinking. Yurt Academy offers curated masterclasses that build lifelong transferable skills to feed agility in a changing world.
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