04. May 2020 - 9:00
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BPEC CCN1/Core Gas Safety Training & Assessment | Inverness College UHI | Monday, 04. May 2020

Booking and enrolment for BPEC CCN1/Core Gas Safety Training & Assessment
Training 2 days
Theory Assessment 1 day
Practical Assessment 2 days
Courses which have more than 4 attendees, will run over to the following week.
The aim of this course is to provide gas operatives with their initial CCN1 certificate making them eligible for Gas Safe registration. Includes CPA1.
All operatives and heating engineers who install, commission and repair domestic gas appliances must hold the relevant qualifications for the areas of work that they carry out. Operatives are required to obtain qualifications under the Accredited Certification Scheme (ACS). The certification scheme is regulated by the United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS). ACS certificates need to be renewed every five years. In order to achieve an ACS/ Gas Safe certificate, you need to pass rigorous assessments at an approved centre such as Inverness College UHI.
Client Group
Candidates for Initial Training must have a minimum of 7 months gas work experience with a Gas Safe registered employer and will generally have a qualification in gas, electrical, plumbing or heating and ventilation.
On successful completion of the assessments candidates will gain their CCN1 certificate and will be eligible for Gas Safe registration.
Course Content
The course is in two sections. The training section covers the core competences in gas safety and will prepare individuals to confidently complete the ACS assessments.
 The assessment section includes both written and practical tests. The practical assessments involve the candidate undertaking a series of practical checks to a standard that confirms competence in carrying out work safely.
Please note that the training section of this course is not compulsory and you could choose to attend for assessment only. In practice, only an extremely small number of candidates take this route and we do recommend you attend training immediately in advance of your assessment to ensure you are up to date with current legislation and best practice and enhance your prospects of successfully completing the examination.
Important Information
To ensure Bpec Certification complies with its Awarding Body Agreement with Gas Safe Register, centres must verify the likeness of candidates who are undertaking assessments. This means that ALL candidates must have their likeness checked and recorded by one of the following means:
* A current valid passport
* A current valid driving licence (photo ID type)
* A photo ID card issued by the UK Border Agency
* Photo ID issued by any other Government agency
You also need to send through one of the following, prior to course commencing:
* Current CCN1 certificate or
* Previous CCN1 Certificate or
* SVQ Level 3 Plumbing Certificate
You need to bring 2 passport photos.
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