17. March 2019 - 10:00 till 19:00
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Ketton Field Meeting | Ketton | Sunday, 17. March 2019

The quarry shows the finest section of Bajocian (Jurassic ~175 mya) to Bathonian (Jurassic ~165 mya) strata currently available in inland Britain. Current and temporary exposures have allowed the whole of the Great and Inferior Oolite (Aalenian to Bathonian), and the Kellaways Beds (Callovian) to be seen and the strata are nearly horizontal.
The lower quarry exposes the Lincoln Limestone Formation (Bajocian), while the floor of the upper quarry is formed by the top of this formation. The upper quarry is in the Rutland Formation. At the very top of the exposures is the base of the Oxford Clay, meaning that the entire of the Middle Jurassic can be seen at Ketton Quarry.