15. December 2019 - 9:00 till 17:00
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TRANSFORMATION AND EXCELLENCE : How to achieve transformation | Grand Millennium Hotel Kuala Lumpur | Sunday, 15. December 2019

Day 1 :  Diagnosis and bench marking
Day 2:   Simulated business models
Day 3.   Staff performance scorecards
3 solid days of competency change

Targeted Groups

To all executives and managers in search of excellence

KEY STEPS in Transformation

TO identify the right performance problems and issues
to affect the right change solutions and best practices
An integrated strategic plans tested with simulations
Cascaded targets and standards to all staff within the organisation.

Methodology.in transformation

Financial diagnosis for both company and inductry bench mark
Critical performance gaps
Root cause analyst through component ratios
Conduct true performance measure through dynamic performance graphs
ROE Model for effective simulations

Diagnosis and Bench mark (suitable for all executives and managers)

Financial diagnosis
Critical performance gaps
Root Cause Analysis
Performance problems and issues
Strategic solutions
Performance change
best practices
Training Needs

Simulated business models (suitable for Accountants and Controllers)

Product costs and pricing strategy
Cost volume profit analysis
Strategic Mapping
Working Capital
Fixed Capital
Sources of Capital
Cash Flows
Return on Equity

Challenging staff performance  (suitable for HR managers)

Cascaded from strategic mapping
Historical best maintain
Adopt best practices
Performance change
Job Description
Individual performance improvement plans
Participation for ownership

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