04. October 2018 - 19:30
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Barry G Seminars | West Indian Community Centre | Thursday, 04. October 2018

The aim of these unique seminars is to give the audience and Barry G the opportunity to discuss the impact of slavery on the Caribbean and how people developed many behavioural pattern as a result.
Three alarming topics with a direct impact on the Caribbean and the world are to be discussed:
I/ How Jamaicans and other population of the Caribbean are struggling with the mind set created by slavery. Earlier colonisers during slavery must assist such citizens today.
II/ No other country in the world have its population resorting to music as it is the norm in Jamaica:
a/ For a living
b/ For economic viability
c/ For spirituality hence Rastafarians
d/ For sustenance and a sense of security
Slavery is rooted deep within Jamaicans and it continues to affect their music. Ideas and emotions are still mixed in Jamaica music. Many lyrics are devoted to social commentary. Political topics, violence and hunger are just some examples of the realities that many artists talk about.
III/ No other set of citizens in the world are producing as much music as Jamaicans. The emotional effects that slavery has had on them have never stopped being heard in the music of before and nowadays.