16. March 2019 - 0:09 till 16:00
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Celestial Awareness Spirit Globe Mind.Body.Spirit 2 Day Event 2019 | Hilton City Leeds | Saturday, 16. March 2019

Celestial Awareness Presents
The Celestial Awareness Spirit Globe 2 Day Event Leeds at the Hilton Leeds City.
With each and every step there is a sparkle! 
A delightful and positive unique blend spread over 2 days for a magical experience to exciting the senses and awakening the . Spirit With a Twist. 2019 event has also the Body Image. Acceptance and Confidence Seminars and Workshops, along with healthy eating and the Documentary that everyone is speaking about. See the whole Embrace Documentary when you purchase a Full day and Weekend Pass or Family Ticket and receive your goody bag don't miss out! 
Join us for the Celestial Awareness Abundantly Happy Keys. Featured on Facebook and Instagram Summer is going to be even more exciting in 2018 The sneak peek at the Abundantly Happy Keys Launch 31st August 2018
What to learn the Secrets to long-lasting happiness? Why people keep chasing Happiness and how you can make happiness stay and keep it that way. 
The journey and adventure of Talks, Seminars and Workshops from best in their fields such as Angels, Fairy Section all about Fairies. Numerology, Astrology, Crystals. Ascended Masters, Yoga, Meditation, Body Image. Confidence, Acceptance and so much more that the Celestial Awareness Spirit Globe Events is for anyone who's light has not been light and where every step you take there is a sparkle and journey has only begun.
Also, featured is Gorlib Turtle Story Corner for the younger Audience where making stories come to life through animation. 
For more information Visit the Celestial Awareness website