28. September 2019 - 10:30 till 12:00
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Free Mindfulness & Meditation Stress-Melting Session | Community Hub, Floor 4, John Lewis & Partners | Saturday, 28. September 2019

Do you want to learn how to meditate (or become more mindful) to reduce stress, but have no idea how to get started?
If you often feel:
- Stressed out, and like you don’t have enough time to do everything- Like you're constantly going over things that have happened in the past, or worrying about the future- Overwhelmed by your thoughts and the “busyness” of your mind- Like your mind has a million tabs open, all at the same time
This stress-melting session could be exactly what you're looking for to practice self-care and find healing, balance, and peace.
***Limited spaces available***
Meditation is a totally transformative practice; this session will teach you skills to deal with stress, anxiety, and the demands of daily life with ease.
With less stress weighing you down, you’ll be amazed by how productive, focused, and energised you feel.
In this session, you’ll learn techniques to help you:
- Stop worrying and overthinking- Relieve stress and anxiety effectively- Deeply relax, restore, and recharge whenever you need it - Repair your sleeping habits and sleep better- Improve your focus, attention, creativity, and memory- Connect to your authentic self, and improve your relationships with others-  Create a new meditation habit and practice daily self-care- Experience more balance, peace, and sweet serenity
This session's focus is on surrendering to a state of deep relaxation. You'll learn how to quiet the mind, experience healing stillness, and easily melt any stress and physical tension stored in the body.
You'll also learn stress-reduction techniques you can use for immediate relief in your day-to-day life to help you feel more grounded, and to lovingly shift negative energy that isn't serving you.
You'll also receive access to downloadable MP3 audios of the guided meditations to help you develop your own practice.
Saturday 28th September 2019, 10.30am-12pm
John Lewis Community Hub Floor 4, John Lewis Victoria GateHarewood StreetLeeds LS2 7AR
This session is totally FREE to attend, but you'll need to reserve your space via Eventbrite.
Meditation is all about becoming aware of your experience - including your thoughts, your feelings, and your body.
This session will teach you how to train your mind, so you can practice meditation easily and effortlessly.
When we meditate, we consciously take back control over our minds, and our lives.
Yes! This session will teach you scientifically-proven skills that are widely used in the world of personal development and positive psychology.
There’s a reason so many people are talking about meditation these days – it’s incredibly effective, yet simple to practice.
The word ‘meditation’ is often associated with spiritual practices, but you don’t have to have any particular belief system or follow any specific kind of practice to use these ideas in your life.
This session has been designed for people with zero knowledge of meditation. It’s specifically designed to teach you the exact tips, techniques and strategies you’ll need to get started on your journey.
You don’t need any knowledge, books or fancy equipment. All you need is you!
Becki Sams is a mindfulness meditation teacher and trainee women's health yoga therapist.
She's started The Breathing Space Project to give back to the community; to share the tools of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga to help people manage stress and anxiety.
As a teacher, she specialises in helping women awaken and embody their feminine power through womb yoga, menstrual cycle awareness, and a whole lot of self love.
Find out more at http://beckisams.com.