24. August 2017 - 11:00
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Leeds Festival 2017 | Leeds Festival | Thursday, 24. August 2017

Leeds Festival 2017 will take place between Friday 25th - Sunday 27th August.

Early bird tickets on sale now - http://po.st/EBL2017

Get in to the fesival on Wednesday with an early entry ticket - http://po.st/EEL2017
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  • Ready to meet your favourite act? BBC Radio 1 Signing Tent times are now in the 'What's On' section of the app. 💪💪 po.st/RandLApp17
  • Take our quiz! 🤔 Examine the clues! 💡 Hazard a guess...
  • Need to know where to park? Where to camp? THE MAP IS LIVE!
  • Will the Game of Thrones S7 Finale be shown at 2am Sunday night/Monday morning?
  • What are bar prices like roughly as let's be honest I'm guna spend a fair bit of time there 🙂
  • i presume there is no parking at leeds festival ?? where is the closest I can park my car to the festival , I was thinking I would just park as close as possible and walk or taxi the rest !!!
  • Will we be able to camp throught the last night (sunday) until the next morning? Or do we have to leave the premisses once the event is done?
  • hey guys my friends and i are supposed to pick up our tickets at the box office - can anybody tell me if this will be within the festival area? thanks! ☺️
  • Anyone know what time gates open on Sunday and what time the last act finishes as need to arrange taxi please ?
  • What's the rules on alcohol re-entry. Can I return to my car say on the Saturday to get more alcohol?
  • So we can't bring pineapple, kinda gutting. Makes me want to bring a pineapple now!
  • So excited, it's my first time going and I know I'm going to love it!!!!☮️🍺
  • Hi, taking a stove to Leeds it's a gas one using a gas bottle is this aloud or not in the camping area?
  • I ordered my ticket from Switzerland and still didn't receive it. Do I have to get them there ?
  • Can you take a camp stove into the park to boil water and make brew - it says no gas canisters allowed but you obviously need one to light the stove?
  • Can you take spirits for campsite in plastic bottles ??
  • Relentless line up?
  • Is anyone going for the day on the Sunday from Burnley, and how are you getting back?
  • What's the situation with stoves? I have a stove that you put little gas canisters in, are those allowed or no? If not are there any alternatives anyone can recommend
  • Hi can someone please let me know what time I mines will be on Sunday as I will most likely traveling from Liverpool on the Sunday and don't want to miss him thx x
  • is the silent disco back this year?
  • Does anyone know what time the last act is done?
  • What alcohol are you allowed to bring inside? Could you bring a sealed bottled of spirits and transfer it to plastic bottle in front of security?
  • Can anyone tell me what time the Sunday event starts and finishes and what time is the main stage open feom and to :)