26. January 2019 - 12:30 till 17:00
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Open Labour Winter Policy Conference | Mill Hill Unitarian Chapel | Saturday, 26. January 2019

The conference will take place in Central Leeds a few metres from Leeds City Train Station. There will be an informal Lunch (Venue TBC) please make a free reservation but Lunch will be paid individually on the day and details will be sent to all those who have made a reservation nearer the time.
Nearly two years on from Labour’s game-changing 2017 manifesto and in the midst of Brexit, the challenges are as great as ever.
Britain's relationship to Europe is still the biggest challenge the country and the Labour Party faces. Labour published its own pamphlet 'Owning the Future: The Left's Relationship with Europe' this summer and it's still as relevant now as it was then.
The pamphlet outlines our options and explain what each would mean for the UK. The pamphlet features guest essays by former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, Catherine West MP and Manuel Cortes (General Secretary of the TSSA). A free copy will be given to every delegate!
The task of reconciling cosmopolitan and socially conservative voters still stands as a challenge for socialists. A generation of young people **** a crisis in their employment, living standards and aspirations. Insecurity pervades society as a whole in every aspect of our lives.
The conference will be split into two themes - Industry, Infrastructure, Immigration & Integration and Approaches to Political and Economic Renewal.
Industry, Infrastructure, Immigration & Integration
Britain's future hinges on Brexit and this session will look at Labour's approach to Brexit. The session will also debate motions relating to Industrial Strategy, Climate Change and Just Transition, migration and the underlying cultural and economic challenges that led to the Leave vote.
Approaches to Political and Economic Renewal
In a time of uncertainty it gives Labour an opportunity to think about what type of democracy we want. What role should employers, trade unions, the state and individuals play in a future state? How should the welfare state react to automation and an ageing society?
Building the Open Left
Our Winter Policy Conference will bring Open Labour supporters together with thinkers and activists from across the left to turn our efforts towards campaigning within Labour: fighting for a left which is broad, principled, and can win.
Please join us in Leeds for a day which promises to be both interesting and exciting. We will also be holding a social afterwards, watch this space for details.
To attend the winter policy conference you do not have to be a full (paying) member – however, only full members may vote on motions and in the constitutional changes section or on motions.
We are very happy to take new members who are members of the Labour Party or who are registered or affiliate supporters of the Labour Party, as long as you agree with our rules and values.