31. August 2019 - 10:30 till 16:00
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Figure Drawing Workshop, Leicester | Fosse Arts centre | Saturday, 31. August 2019

An illuminating approach to drawing the human figure.
This is an intermediate figure drawing workshop to strengthen and develop observational drawing skills and deepen your understanding of the human form.
The workshop is going to harness your creative and mental skills and shift the emphasis from being focused on technique, experimentation or making a good-looking drawing to making the model the true centre of your drawing activity. We're going to delve beyond the surface where you'll get to experience and see what kind of approaches and thinking is behind masterfully made drawings.
We’ll use blind contour drawing to warm up our observation skills, then I’ll begin to show you step by step an energetic approach to drawing that will improve your thinking and take your drawings to the next level. The workshop is very stripped down and focuses on simplicity to make the learning process more effective.
You'll learn how to 'see' the energy within a figure and objects, proportion, form and gradually open up your intuitive intelligence to see these things rather than relying mainly on the simple scanning operations of our eyes. You'll also learn how to see relationships and rhythm. All of this will lead you to an empathic way of thinking and have you asking yourself questions like, what does the weight on that wrist feel like? Where in their body can I feel the tension? or where in the pose does it probably hurt? As you gradually learn this you'll be better able to mimic the qualities of the forms that you see and move into space where you'll say to yourself as you draw "IT FEELS LIKE THIS!"- rather than simply marking a line in the correct place.
The most beautiful drawings of the human figure take hold of its life force
Course structure

Introduction to my self, yourselves and the structure of the day.
Blind contour drawing warm up.
A short talk on the underlying principles.
Drawing objects activity. This presents a chance to practice looking with increasing curiosity and familiarise yourself with the underlying principles.
A short talk on figure drawing.
Figure drawing activity.
Tidying away and discussing our work.

Things you'll need to bring:

A range of pencils from 2B - 6B.


Some good quality paper for you to take your drawings away with you. ( I recommend A3 heavy cartridge paper by seawhite as it takes graphite really well.) 

A pair of old, damaged or your favourite shoes.


Things that will be provided:


Vine charcoal.


Newsprint paper.

Tea and coffee.

Life model.

Handout with relevant info.

*** minimum of 5 people required for the workshop to run ***
*** If there's enough interest, I am planning to run these workshops monthly for the foreseeable future so that I can continue to support you on your creative journey ***
*** Do not bring any other mediums to work in, we'll just be using pencils to maintain simplicity. ***

For further information, feel free to contact me by email at figuredrawingleicester@gmail.com