21. October 2019 - 10:00
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Mindfulness for Healthcare Professionals | Sunnyside | Monday, 21. October 2019

Beating Burnout – Mindfulness for Healthcare Professionals
Four-day course run by Dr Zahida Adam and Suryacitta.
PRICE: Full: £300.00Price includes lunch and snacks
Beating BurnoutDuring this four-day mindfulness course for healthcare professionals, you will learn the art of mindfulness and compassion meditation from author and international mindfulness teacher Suryacitta and Dr Zahida Adam, GP and coach.
You will learn a number of meditations during the course, be introduced to the evidence base for mindfulness and there will be time for discussion and reflection. You will be asked to practice meditation a little every day at home. You will be shown how to bring mindfulness into your work and everyday life, benefiting not only yourself but your patients too.

Session  1:  Spending time with ourselves
Session  2:  Being at home in our bodies
Session 3:   There is power in being present                  Session 4:   Calming the Chattering Mind
Session  5:  Self Compassion – Dancing with Dragons;
Session 6:  The slow burner, how we transform.
Session 7:  Being in relationship to ourselves
Session 8  Maintaining the momentum

There will also be time to relax and walk in beautiful Bradgate Deer Park just two minutes walk away.
This course on mindfulness for healthcare professionals is open to all, those of any faith and no faith.
Suryacitta“When a colleague of mine arranged a small group mindfulness meditation sessions with Suryacitta, I had no idea what to expect. As a medical professional, however, I was quite curious about what could be on offer to help with everyday life stressors. This continued weekly for further 6-8weeks and provided another perspective on my approach to life and other people around me. Each session lasted around 1 hour facilitated by himself who was open, non-judgemental and knowledgeable. He had written a book on the subject, which I found extremely honest and easy to read and follow. The sessions were unbelievably simple and practical consisting of discussion among the group and mental and physical practices.”Dr Reza Kiani, Consultant in learning disabilities
“Suryacitta introduced us to how the practice of mindfulness leads to a quiet cumulative experience of inner peace, resilience and the first steps to finding the happiness we have buried within ourselves. Finding and living in happiness is a continuous life-long exercise, and only an effective and advanced teacher can instill the faith needed to sustain and enjoy the journey. Suryacitta was that teacher, and I am grateful for the experience. I would recommend Suryacitta’s course and book to anyone who has genuinely realised there is an immediate and important need for compassion and happiness to pervade their lives. May you be kind, and may you be happy.”Dr Avinash Hiremath, Psychiatrist Glenfield, Leicester
Dr Adam“One of the main reasons I had for coming on the course was that I had struggled to learn from just reading books on the subject. Dr Adam’s careful, sympathetic and warm approach to introducing us to mindfulness has made all the difference for me. I look forward to continuing to practice daily.” – Tony, NHS patient
Dr AdamTo be quite frank I have found these sessions with Dr Adam superb. The sessions are well thought through, relaxing and delivered in a positive manner. The combination of meditation and poetry has opened my mind to alternatives. I do find it helpful to meditate frequently and when I am having a “bad time” and cannot calm down quickly. The length of the course is appropriate to get tot he heart of the issue.  A follow-up session would be useful. I can’t think of any negatives as I have found this course very useful. – NHS patient with Depression