11. September 2020 - 18:30
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Advanced AROMATHERAPY in a Clinical and Cancer Setting - OBUS | Obus Wellness Centre | Friday, 11. September 2020

Advanced AROMATHERAPY in a Clinical and Cancer Setting
Times:Friday 6.30pm to 10pm. Saturday & Sunday 9.30am to 5pm
Booking Deposit:€50.00
The study and practice of aromatherapy has advanced enormously in the last 10 years.Has your practice and knowledge kept pace?This workshop is designed to help you work holistically in a clinical and therapeutic setting using all the new information, methods and research now available.It will cover – aromatherapy in:Wound healingPain managementInfection control
Special attention will be given to the use of aromatherapy in cancer care.  The course will cover:Understanding what cancer isHow to use essential oils in the cancer care settingLooking at the many ways to use aromatherapy and what restrictions and/or adaptations are needed for the various stages of cancer.
What is Clinical Aromatherapy?There are lots of different interpretations of the title “clinical aromatherapy”.  My understanding of the meaning of clinical aromatherapy is based on how the therapist works with the oils and not on where they work with the oils. So for me a clinical aromatherapist blends essential oils, vegetable oils and infused oils, using their knowledge of chemistry, to effect a change in presenting symptoms and pathologies.
Course content:Review of Chemistry of Essential Oils to:Identify essential oil components responsible for:Pain relief,Infection control,Reducing inflammationAiding sleep and recoverWound healingRelieving nausea
Reviewing all methods of use:Topical – high and low percentage dilutionsInhalation – its role in pain management, anxiety and sleepSuppositories – in pain and infection controlInternal – using encapsulated essential oils for digestive issues, pain and infection.
Correct blending for:Acute and chronic illnessBabies and childrenElderly clientsSeriously ill and terminally ill clients
Protocols and current safety requirements for:

Cancer care
Seriously ill
Terminally ill
Clients on blood thinners
Essential oil interaction with common drugs

General information needed for safe practice:When working in a clinical setting we are working with people who may be very vulnerable – physically and emotionally.  Intake details and follow ups need to be very detailed and specific.  We will cover:

Details needed for intake form
Follow-up needed
Client safety
Therapist safety
Infection control

PRACTICAL:Students will learn:Positioning for client comfort – how to position and support the client when they are in pain or whose movement is restricted due to medical devices such a bag, port etc.  Supporting the body to aid muscle tension release.
Aroma Heart Chakra Massage – This treatment combines massage, inhalation and visualization to help relax the client and is an excellent treatment for stress, anxiety and pain relief.   You will learn how to stimulate the Vagus nerve to induce relaxation using massage and essential oils.  Gentle touch and inhalation for uplifting and calming
Introduction to Aroma Reflex Massage.  Using the feet to apply essential oils to the body.  Learning a short sequence which will help bring the client into deep relaxation.
Cold cupping – Using cupping to increase the absorption of essential oils.
Class demonstration by tutor Making of suppositories for pain management and infection controlMaking pessariesMaking gel capsules for oral use
We will not cover:Body massage.  For body Massage in Cancer Care click hereWound healing in a hospital or hospice settingRecord keeping in a hospital or hospice setting
It is my hope that you will leave this 2.5 day workshop and feel safe in the knowledge of the gentle power of essential oils to sooth, calm and revitalise and the tremendous healing they can offer when used with respect and knowledge.
This course is for qualified Aromatherapists who hold a recognised diploma