11. October 2019 - 18:30
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Diploma in Swedish Massage and Sports Massage Therapy Level 3 | The Court Yard Hotel | Friday, 11. October 2019

About the course
This course is a foundation level Diploma course.  It qualifies the student to:

Work as a Swedish Massage Therapist.
Work with athletes to:
Improve performance and maintain wellness
Offer pre, post and between events massage treatments
Offer preventative and corrective massage treatments
Offer massage treatments to aid recovery and improve flexibility
Offer massage treatment to reduce muscle tension

Upon completion of this course students will be able to practice Swedish and Sports Massage professionally.  It will allow them to work with sports teams and athletes offering massage treatments before and after training sessions or competitions.
It allows them to work with the general public who want to maintain flexibility, reduce muscle tension, aid relaxation and de-stress.
This course is also an entry point for further studies, such as deep tissue cupping, lymphatic drainage, oncology massage and more.

The Course Content

Full body massage, excluding the faceSports related massage techniques
The massage techniques taught will include:

Lymphatic drainage
Connective Tissue Massage
Cross-fibre Frictions

You will be trained in movements carried out with hands, forearms and elbows
Sports Massage Treatments:

Understanding the fundamentals of Sports Massage treatments including pre and post event, between events, preventative, corrective and maintenance.
Contra indications to treatment
Contra actions following treatment
Subjective and objective assessment
Monitoring progression and feedback
Adapting treatment strategy to clients’ needs
Understand the principles of Soft Tissue Dysfunction
Understanding the types and causes of soft tissue injuries
Understanding the difference between injuries and dysfunction
Understanding the process of soft tissue repair
Understanding the inflammatory response
Understanding the pain response

Principles of Health and Fitness

Understanding what constitutes an active/healthy lifestyle
Understanding the benefits of an active healthy lifestyle
Understanding the effects of exercise on the body
Understanding the principles of training
Understanding the role of nutrition in the growth and repair of the body
Understanding the importance of hydration
Understanding the effects and benefits of Thermotherapy and Cryotherapy

Professional practice in Sports Massage

Understanding the legal obligation related to Sports Massage therapies
Understanding the importance of boundaries and consent
Understanding Scope of Practice

Anatomy and Physiology for Sports Massage

Understanding the structural organisation of the human body
Understanding the structures and functions of the tissues, organs and systems of the body
Understanding the types of joints and the movements
Understanding of the muscles, their movement and changes that occur during exercise
Understanding the effects of Sports Massage on the body systems
Understanding the physiological and psychological effects of Sports Massage

Case studies
3 clients treated 5 times
Principles of Health and FitnessProfessional Practice in Sports MassageUnderstanding the Principles of Soft Tissue Dysfunction
Following completion of the course and completion of case studies and assignments there is an examination.
Theory exam: Multiply ChoicePractical exam: Sports Specific MassagePre-event massagePost event massageHome care
Accreditation:This course is accredited by ITEC

Opportunities for employment

There are opportunities for a Sports Massage Therapist to find employment in a variety of areas:
GymHealth clubsSports clubsSports facilitiesOwn Massage clinic

Students costs

The course fee covers the cost of the course and all course material and books.The exam fee is charged separatelyStudents will have to purchase a uniform, towels, massage oil, and a massage couch to practice at home.

Course Dates2019October 11, 12, 13November 8, 9, 10December 6,7,8
2020January 24, 25, 26February 14, 15, 16March 20, 21, 22April 3, 4, 5, 25
Exam Date: 25th April 2020

Paid in instalments as belowDeposit €150.0011th  October €350.008th November €350.006th December €250.0024th  January €250.003rd April €140.00 exam fee