27. February 2020 - 11:30
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Post Partum Pilates | Obus Wellness Centre | Thursday, 27. February 2020

Post-Partum Pilates is a baby friendly postnatal Pilates class. It is designed to help mothers rebound from pregnancy by strengthening and conditioning core and pelvic floor muscles.
If you can’t arrange a babysitter you can bring baby with you. You are free to stop at any time to breastfeed, change nappies or cuddle the baby, whenever baby needs*
During pregnancy, there is increased pressure on the pelvic floor and your pregnancy hormones soften all the ligaments and muscles of the pelvic outlet so that the baby’s head can be pushed through during the birth. Also during pregnancy, the tummy muscles are stretched and to get them to work well after the birth of your baby it is important to get them back to their normal length and strength.
This is not for aesthetics only, weak or separated abdominal muscles can lead to mild or serious back issues. And a compromised pelvic floor can lead to bladder control problems or worse.
*This is not a “mummy and baby class” – the baby does not do any exercise!