16. November 2019 - 9:30 till 13:00
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Small Business - Development Planning | Linlithgow Burgh Halls | Saturday, 16. November 2019

Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur? Could you benefit from investing time in your development?
Whether it's planning the next phase of your business development, personal or professional goals and aspirations - or all of the above! - you can expect to feel motivated and inspired for a successful year in 2020.
This facilitative-style workshop is creative, fun, and brings results through really connecting with your business and its purpose, what it means to you, and how you can keep developing yourself and your thinking in ways that keeps things fresh, bringing new energy and creativity into your work.
We will be using coaching tools and techniques which are proven to bring out the best of your unique gifts and talents, and help you to connect with your passion and purpose. There will be opportunities to work in groups and pairs with others, and to network at various points.
Small businesses which are an important part of the national economy, yet few benefit from this type of development like those of us who have come from the corporate world have experienced. 
Being self-employed since 2015, and with a background in coaching, change management, people development, and leadership, I know how Important and valuable it is to plan ahead, and to get together with others who are motivated to do the same. In the past few years I have worked extensively with great organisations which support self-employed people and social enterprises, and in this workshop I have packaged up the things which have been of most benefit (and I'm still hearing great feedback years later from past groups)