28. August 2019 - 14:00 till 16:00
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Everton Library: Storytelling and Design Workshop | North Liverpool Academy | Wednesday, 28. August 2019

Everton Library is a landmark Grade II-listed building.  It has enormous potential to contribute to the neighbourhood if it can be restored to be both a well-used community resource, which is also welcoming to visitors.  This workshop will be in two parts.  The first part will be about the importance of storytelling and memories of Everton Library.  The second part will be about design and connections to the local neighbourhood development plans and regeneration schemes close by.  This is a small-scale workshop to stimulate thinking and discussion.  Fundraising is underway to update the viability studies conducted on Everton Library in 2014 and 2016.  More community engagement and fundraising events are to be planned throughout the autumn.  Please contact pollymoseley@mac.com with any questions.
Workshop participants can park in the large carpark in North Liverpool Academy grounds.  The entrance is from Heyworth Street.  The event will take place in the School Library on the first floor.  Please report to reception and arrive before 2pm so we can make a prompt start.