08. December 2018 - 10:00
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Visual Storytelling (Stage 3) | Open Eye Gallery | Saturday, 08. December 2018

Capture and Convey the Story That You are Passionate About!
 It doesn’t matter whether you are a travel, wildlife or street photographer, you need to be able to put together a distinctive story.
 Learn how to build visual narratives, by developing a series of images that will be edited, sequenced and captioned to exhibition standard.
 We included this stage so that you can rise above the rest and create something unique, something rare and something beautiful!
What’s covered?

Engagement: Editing and sequencing of photos to engage with the audience and keep them engaged.
Captions & Text: Using captions and text to create deeper insights into visual stories
Exposure: Using exposure bracketing and compensation techniques to get creative control over your images
Composition: Mastering sense or character through controlling of angles and placement of subjects
White Balance: Using white balance and colour temperature for creative control over a scene
Exhibiting: Creating prints to an exhibition standard
Advice: On best equipment if needed
Creative Portfolio: Build a portfolio in preparation for your masters course application
Practical: Create a photo series, which will be exhibitedThis Stage 2 Course runs on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings over 4 sessions.

This Stage 3 Course runs on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings over 4 sessions.
Each session lasts 3 hours and will take place in Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool Waterfront.
Stage 1-4 courses can be found at