30. January 2019 - 17:00
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We can work it out - Master's Consultancy Challenge | The University Of Liverpool - Management School | Wednesday, 30. January 2019

This challenge, designed for Management School postgraduate students, will launch on 30th January 2019 and run until the final on 28th February.
Companies will present their consultancy problems to several groups of master's students at the Management School during the January launch event. Students will form groups consisting of members from across the range of Master's programmes to work together to form a solution to the business challenges posed.
Some of these employers are SMEs. The advantage of working with an SME is that you are more likely to have direct contact with senior managers, a wider insight into the business and meaningful hands-on experience. Did you know that there are 36,000 SMEs in Merseyside, employing almost 1.5 million people in the North West overall. This is a unique opportunity to work with these employers and broaden your local network. 
During the process, the teams will have exclusive access to a consultancy expert, will benefit from workshops such as 'developing consultancy skills' and 'pitching an idea'. 
This is an exciting opportunity to network with, and work alongside, graduate employers. It provides a unique chance for employability development and CV building.