11. September 2019 - 11:00 till 12:00
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Williamson's Tunnels tour with FoWT - September 2019 | FoWT - Williamson's house site | Wednesday, 11. September 2019

Visit these amazing, rarely seen sections of tunnels and chambers in the care of the Friends of Williamson's Tunnels. These amazing subterranean structures are a work in progress, emptying many tonnes of rubble and infill from their depths. Come and see what the Friends have achieved, rediscovering these lost chambers.
All our visits are free of charge. We do not charge for our tours, though we do welcome any donations to enable our team of dedicated volunteers to be able to continue their hard work, finding and preserving this important piece of Liverpool's history.
All visits are open to Non-Members and Members.
Non members: Are welcome to take part in one of our free Paddington tours. One of our volunteer guides will equip you with your hard hat and walk you down into the amazing Paddington, with its cathedral-like brick arch chambers, extending down some 60 feet below street level.
Members: Members visits are extended tours, which means that in addition to exploring Paddington, members can continue on to explore the newly discovered basement and kitchen of Joseph Williamson's house. Then you will be taken into the Wine Bins, continuing further down into Joseph's subterranean world beneith his house. This includes the Sandstone Arch, the Gash and finally, for now, the amazing Banqueting Hall.
Not a member yet? As a non-members you are very welcome to book a, visit and 'join' on the day of your Paddington visit, in order to continue on to do the extended Members visit. You can join during you’re your visit or online,