16. February 2019 - 10:00 till 17:30
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The Destiny Masterclass | Crowne Plaza | Saturday, 16. February 2019

The Destiny Masterclass is designed to facilitate your self-discovery, identify your strengths, passion and life purpose. It aids in unlocking your potential and unleashing your God given dream. It is essential if you earnestly yearn to truly live and not just exist. It is for those who are true to themselves and admit there is a restlessness deep within. It resonates with individuals who are aware they have much more to offer the world and want to die emptied of all they have been bestowed with.

"If ever you felt you weren’t cut out for an average existence, pondered if your life had a purpose or always thought your talents could take you a little further in life, then the Masterclass is a must attend. Bunmi is calm and clear in her speaking, methodological in developing the ideas she intends you to conceptualise and generous with questions that leave you uncomfortable with maintaining the status quo. Definitely life changing!”- Ben, Mathematics Teacher and Educationist

"Bunmi’s dedication, focus and thirst for understanding are worthy of note. So is her true passion for the “unearthing of the destinies of this new generation” – those full of Christ and His will. Those who are free to go for what our Father has called them to be! Before the very foundation of the world in Christ Jesus! The Destiny Master Class will help you to reconcile the revelation of Christ and His Kingdom with the pursuit of your calling.”   - Pastor Rotimi Adeniyi, UK Chair – Institute for National Transformation UK

COST - £55 per Session
ENQUIRIES - mail@destinymasterclass.com
All day refreshments and lunch served.