29. June 2019 - 15:00 till 18:00
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The Beetle Stitch Debate | St Mary's Church, Putney | Saturday, 29. June 2019

Welcome to our creative stitching and hand embroidery workshop. Inspired by nature and the historic Putney Debates held in St Mary's Church Putney. A unique workshop where all participants will have the opportunity to learn and create a relief or 3D dimensional Beetle with needle and thread on cloth or paper. A fun and creative gathering with the motivation of  talking and debating the importance of Beetle on our planet. Bettles as many species are in danger,  this workshop we are planning to express an awarenes of what we are loossing  and how we can help to keep live Beetles.
This is the first in a series of Putney Stitch Debates to be held every 2 weeks on Saturday afternoon 3pm till 6pm in the Library of St Mays Church.  Includes refreshments and all materials. Participants can do as many Beetles and technique on the day. Next workshop 13th July is our 'Bumble Bee Debate'
Leading Artists: Bella Lane from Peru & Lola Godoy from Chile