09. October 2019 - 19:00 till 20:30
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CBD 101 | Young LDN | Wednesday, 09. October 2019

CBD is the buzz word of the moment, but there are still many people out there who aren't quite sure about the science behind this wonder ingredient and what the benefits are. We're hosting a panel discussion to shed a little light. 
Guests will receive a Young LDN tote bag filled with goodies. 
Cocktails provided by OTO

Meet our panelists:
Dr Julie Moltke, Founder, Dosage 
Dr Julie Moltke is the founder and editor in chief of Dosage, a London based online platform for cannabis science and general health and wellness, empowering through knowledge. Dr Julie Moltke graduated as a doctor from Copenhagen University faculty of medicine. She has worked in Emergency medicine, as an Orthopaedic surgeon, and as a GP in Denmark. She has a passion for mental health and is specialised in stress therapy through mindfulness. 
https://www.getthedose.com | @getthedosage
Johan Obel, Co-Founder, The Drug Store
Johan entered the medicinal cannabis space, lobbying governments and growing in a state-of-the -art facility in Denmark. After seeing the potential and misinformation in the CBD space he, along with Clemens, started TheDrug.Store to become the #1 destination for CBD.
https://thedrug.store | | @thedrug.store

Gemma Colao, Co-Founder, OTO
Having worked in the fashion industry around the world for 15 years, Gemma Colao first discovered the power of CBD whilst living in California.
Working as a designer in the fast-paced and stress inducing fashion industry, the long days, late nights and crazy deadlines started to take their toll on Gemma. Anxiety was becoming the norm and as such her sleep started to suffer until one of her friends suggested she try CBD to help with anxiety and sleep. Having never really been into cannabis having found it doesn’t really agree with her, Gema was hesitant at first. However, after researching it and hearing from other friends and colleagues about how it had helped them, she decided to give it a go. Within just a few days of trying CBD she felt my anxiety levels improve. The dread she felt on her morning commute disappeared, deadlines became more manageable and she was able to focus more at work and ultimately, feel more present.
At the same time, her husband, James, set up one of California’s first legal cannabis dispensaries, so CBD was part of their professional lives as well as their personal. In 2016, Gemma and James had their first child, Leo, and decided to move back to the UK to be closer to family. Gemma was excited to see that CBD products were now legal in the UK and decided to transform her passion for CBD into products that everyone can enjoy, so she created OTO. Together with a group of friends that includes world leading scientists, entrepreneurs and anthropologists, they set out to create the world’s finest CBD experiences.
They have now created a unique range of effective products that enhance daily rituals to help you find your space. Each oil is designed to complement the natural rhythm of your day with three pillars: focus, amplify and balance.
http://www.otocbd.com | @OTO_CBD
Hosted by Young LDN
Based in the beautiful Notting Hill, Young LDN is redefining what skincare is to the Gen Z & Millennial population. A far cry from stuffy Harley Street clinics, Young LDN offers the best-in-class treatments from leading aesthetic experts that champion youth and inspire confidence. Young LDN provides the young (and young at heart) with a relaxed, informal yet highly-effective destination for all skin concerns.
Founded by Sue Carroll who was searching for a destination to help her own children with their skin concerns, Young LDN was started as a studio where everyone from teenagers through to skincare fanatics can feel comfortable.
www.youngldn.com | @_YoungLDN