30. June 2019 - 9:00 till 12:00
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Chakra Workshop | Pangbourne House Nursery Montessori School | Sunday, 30. June 2019

Understanding the energetic body.
Studying each of our main 7 energy centres and how they effect our lives. Using Mantra, Pranayama and a gentle Asana to energise our Chakras and encourage the healthy flow of energy through our body.
Finishing with a Chakra meditation.
Checkout www.powerflowyoga.co.uk/workshops for more info

Recent Workshop feedback (April 2019)

:) A well prepared workshop, I loved sharing this experience with others and learnt lots of different techniques. Your energy is calming and peaceful, great instruction and loved the props, pillows, candles and blankets.

:) I loved this workshop and felt very relaxed. I definitely loved the active meditation and the sound meditation too. The Yoga Nidra was very relaxing and the exercise of sending love was amazing.

:) Really great thank you! Great structure, a really good mix of meditation styles, active to passive. You have a friendly, welcoming teaching style which is easy to understand. I benefited greatly and left feeling very relaxed and unblocked.

:) I found the shaking then standing meditation very effective, then when we laid down I went into a strange trance with lots of past experiences coming up for processing.

:) Thanks for a wonderful workshop it was really enjoyable. A lovely balance of techniques but my favourite was the shaking.

:) A very good workshop, calm and tranquility were achieved. Very interesting techniques. A lovely energy.