A Coffee Catch Up | London, various locations including Victoria, Piccadilly, Euston, Watford. | Friday, 04. February 2011

A Coffee Catch Up
Over the past 18 years that I've been Coaching, Training, Speaking and working in the Personal Development field, one of the phrases I hear most often when friends and colleagues call me is "Can I just pick your brains for a minute?"  Which of course they always can!
Unfortunately, I no longer have time to offer that same facility to everyone that I meet as I'd spend all my time on the phone chatting or meeting up for coffee but have little time to do much else!  That is why I've created the Coffee Catch Up sessions.
The Coffee Catch Up sessions provide those looking for help, advice, guidance or a sounding board the opportunity to meet in an informal environment and get their questions answered.
What sort of things might we discuss?
Previous topics of discussion have included:

I just need a bit of advice about . . . . . . . . . .
I'd like to do some brainstorming around . . . . . . 
What tips do you have for improving my memory and personal performance?
How did you get started writing for newspapers and magazines?
I'm designing a training course but not sure where to begin or how to structure it.
I'm new to coaching, how did you get started?
I feel stuck and unable to move forward.
I've got lots of ideas but not sure how to structure them.
What are your tips for speaking in front of audiences of over 1000 people.
How can I learn to think more creatively and tap into my creativity?

Where do the Coffee Catch Up Sessions take place?
The Coffee Catch Up sessions take place in Central London, Watford and by phone and Skype.  The hotel or locations will vary depending on my schedule but they will usually be in travel zone 1 (Euston, Piccadilly, Tower Hill, Victoria).  
If no ****-to-**** dates are shown, e-mail Marilyn to see what is available. 
You also have the option of doing a Telephone or Skype Session.
How are the Coffee Catch Up sessions structured?
The Coffee Catch Up sessions are an hour in duration and we can talk about whatever you wish.  Sometimes people have a clear list of questions that they want to discuss, at other times we just see where the conversation takes us.
Unlike a formal Coaching Session we are not looking to do any deep change work, it's more an opportunity to generate ideas, get things moving and allow some creativity to flow.
How can I book a session?
Dates and locations for sessions will be updated here on a regular basis so check the ticket options at the top of this page.  State which time slot you require in your e-mail or phone message.   
Don't see a date that you can make?
E-mail me to find out whether there are any additional slots available: marilyn@
Do the Coffee Catch Up sessions have to be in person?
No, sessions can also be done via Telephone or Skype. Just e-mail me for dates and times if you'd rather do the Coffee Catch Up session from the comfort of your own home.  For international customers use: to check world and UK time zones.
I want to book a session - what do I do now?
Book now using the form above and I'll get back to you to confirm.  If you don't see a date or time that you want then E-mail me: marilyn@ call 01923 337282 and say you'd like to book a Coffee Catch Up session.  Remember to state the 1-hour timeslot you would like to book.