14. August 2019 - 19:30 till 20:30
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COMPOST - London Previews | Imperial College Union, Meeting Room 3 | Wednesday, 14. August 2019

When two disgruntled ex-government peons decide their next mildly illegal venture is selling counterfeit bins that will turn plastic into compost, they soon discover that Amersham has a sordid underbelly - one which does not like to be tickled. With the risk that their cover may be blown at any minute by an ardent horticulturist, a high-flying journalist, a coquettish cashier, or a fortune-telling drag queen, the rubbish collectors decide to take drastic action. Challenging what it means to call yourself a Municipal Waste Collection Officer, COMPOST skewers cosy and idyllic small-town life, dissects it, and shakes it until the dirty laundry falls out.
‘Crude and overly reliant on asinine churlish humour.’ ★★★★★ Your Mum
‘The biggest load of rubbish since the Brexit deal.’ ★★★★★ Theresa May 
‘Contrary to the play’s depiction of Amersham, there have been hardly any outrageous crimes here in the past year (that we know of).’ Amersham Town Council