18. September 2019 - 18:00 till 21:00
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The Connect2innovate Pitch Evening | Central Working White City | Wednesday, 18. September 2019

Merck Accelerator partners up with Clustermarket and the Science Entrepreneur Club to support innovative startups working on novel technologies related to the three fields of Clean Meat, Bio- Sensing & Interfaces and Liquid Biopsy Technologies under the theme of ‘Connect2Innovate’.
To highlight the importance and to accelerate the newest technologies in these fields, we are hosting three Meetups and a Pitch Evening. On the pitch event, there is an opportunity to win a cash price and Sigma Aldrich vouchers! The winner will also receive a “Golden Ticket” and will be invited to the Merck Accelerator Selection Days in Darmstadt, Germany. The Selection Days are the last selection step before joining the Merck Accelerator Program at the Merck Innovation Center in Darmstadt in January 2020.
Six exciting startups that are currently working in the innovation fields of Clean Meat, Liquid Biopsy Technologies and Bio-Sensing & Interfaces are presenting their ground-breaking technologies.
If you are a startup that works within one of these Fields and you are interested in presenting on the Connect2Innovate Pitch Evening please contact us.
The prices: 1st Winner: £4.000 Cash + Sigma Aldrich Voucher + Golden Ticket to the Merck Accelerator Selection Days 2nd Winner: £1.000 Cash + Sigma Aldrich Voucher 3rd Winner: Sigma Aldrich Voucher
Agenda: 5.30-6.00 Registration 6.00-6.05 Welcome 6.05-6.40 Panel discussion, moderated by Science Entrepreneur Club 6.40-7.30 Startup "Pitch-Battle", moderated by Clustermarket Announcement of "Pitch-Winners", supported by Merck Accelerator 7.30-9.00 Networking and Startup Exhibition
Local Partners: Coming soon
__________________________________ABOUT THE MERCK ACCELERATORThe global Merck Accelerator program with programs in Merck´s headquarters in Darmstadt and in China, supports startups with the final objective of partnering up with them. Selected companies receive mentoring and in-depth coaching from a network comprised of experts from 66 countries opening up opportunities for startups’ future collaboration with Merck and helping to introduce startups to the contacts they need to close their first deals. Additionally, the startup teams benefit from financial support as well as from work space at the Merck Innovation Center in Darmstadt where they can develop product prototypes and exchange ideas with other startup teams and Merck experts. Applications for the global Merck Accelerator are open and there are different ways of qualifying to participate in the program: Participate via “Connect2innovate” meetups and networking events or applying directly to the program via the Accelerator website that accepts applications until August 25th.