29. September 2019 - 10:00 till 17:00
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Detox | Al Noor Mosque | Sunday, 29. September 2019

All in one – the fasting and cleansing facts and tips workshop. With tips and suggestions you will be encouraged to develop healthy relationship with food but also return to Sunnah of fasting in your everyday life style.
You will be inspired with recent discoveries in Health Psychology and Medicine. This course will rekindle for you the spiritual and religious roots in: fasting, herbology, exercise, diet and self care.

Variety of the modern dietary theories will be incorporated in the curriculum. The mian aim of the workshop is to enable you to create your own opinions aboutarrays health pathways, i.e. Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, dr Gerson, dr Morse and fasting techniques.
This course will satisfy beginners as well as those who consider them selves for advanced in cleansing and detoxing methods. Upon graduating with this course you will no longer carry confusions about religious and scientific dietary nuances. If you are looking for Life Style changes and you no longer disillusioned with 'weight loss' paradigm then this program is for you!

This course is designed for anybody interested in healthy life style, however no previous knowledge on detox, nutrition or herbal medicine is necessary. The workshop policy excudes recorging. Course material and references to above will be provided upon payment for each participant. Remember to bring pen and paper with you! Some organ support herbs, detox and hydration drinks will be included.:) Places are limited so please pre-book by confirming with sis Ayishah 07702214785.Save on admin fees and book on www.ajstherapy.com

If you cant make it in person - study online: https://aj-s-therapy2019.thinkific.com/courses/ultimate-detox-fasting-challenge