10. July 2029 - 2:00 till 5:00
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END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT! | Planet Earth! | Tuesday, 10. July 2029

Its a song, but can also be true, I don't know when this will happen but you guys to know WHERE ALL GOING TO DIE stay calm its not our fault, we can't help it its not wrong but its not right even at the same time! I know I sound crazy but my breasts tell me different! SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE THE WORLD IS SPINNING TO FAST FOR ME TO CATCH MY FEET! I can't give you a date or a time when this is going to happen but facebook tells me I have to. So I'll guestimate! I decided this event has no relevance to Celine Dion so she won't be invited. No Offence. NONE TAKEN BITTCHHHH! hope you can attend this day of glee as we can sing about relationships! by this event you can probably tell two things 1. I'm crazy (but its okay I was born this way) 2. I have to much time on my hands but I'm not alone as I'm sat with Alica brown and she wants to come! (THANKYOU AND GOODNIGHT, PAST IS NOW FUTURE IS PAST) GIBBY LIKE ALICE AND WONDERLAND HOW DO YOU DO WHAT YOU DO! ITS MENT TO SAY 3000 BUT IT WONT LET ME!