03. July 2019 - 18:00 till 21:00
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Ending Homelessness Together - VIP Property Sector Event | The Auditorium | Wednesday, 03. July 2019

Wednesday 3rd July from 6pm to 9pm in White City, London.
This invitation is to discuss a bold, ambitious and achievable vision that aims to end homelessness in Britain.
The outcomes for the evening will be:

To share the vision and practical plan on how we can end homelessness together in Britain.
To announce the details of one (hopefully two) local councils that have committed to ending homelessness.  
To bring together a group of like-minded influencers, leaders and organisations with a shared desire to ending homelessness.
To showcase some successes from around the globe where ending homelessness is not just a vision but a practical reality.
To bring together key leaders from across the property sector to find creative ways to help provide more housing.  
To generate social media and press coverage to amplify the message of the ending homelessness together vision.  
To share the lessons from a not-for-profit organisation that was able to make more than 1 billion people aware of their cause.

The event will be organised along similar lines to TED Talks* with all presentations being short and engaging, lasting no more than 18 minutes.  There will be a good mix of talks, Q&A and plenty of time for networking and connecting with new and existing influencers and leaders. 
* The event is not connected to TED Talks, just utlising their proven format.  
The following speakers are confirmed:

Steve Bolton, Founder, Bolt and Platinum Property Partners - www.stevebolton.com (event MC and organiser)
Jon Sparkes, Chief Executive of Crisis, the national charity for homeless people - https://www.crisis.org.uk/about-us/our-people/
Richard Lambert, Chief Executive Officer, National Landlords Association - https://landlords.org.uk/about-nla/nla-staff-profiles/richard-lambert
Phil Geraghty, Chief Crowdfunding Officer and Founder at Crowdfunder.co.uk / Digital Fundraising Consultant - https://www.linkedin.com/in/philgeraghty/?originalSubdomain=uk
Ciara Devlin, Head of Place-based Programmes, Crisis - https://www.linkedin.com/in/ciaradevlin/?originalSubdomain=uk
Jeremy Gilley, CEO of Peace One Day - http://www.peaceoneday.org/jeremy-gilley
Chris Hancock, Head of Housing for Crisis - https://crisis.org.uk/about-us/the-crisis-blog/blogger-profiles/chris-hancock/
A Crisis Ambassador with lived experience of homelessness

Also confirmed:

Kevin Cahill, Former CEO of Comic Relief and Founder of Sport Relief - https://www.comicrelief.com/about-comic-relief/meet-the-team/kevin-cahill
Juanita Cracciolo, UK PRET Foundation Manager - https://www.pret.co.uk/en-gb/pret-foundation
A range of providers of innovative housing solutions
High net worth philanthropists and landlords who support the ending homelessness vision and want to help
Media, influencers and celebrities

A personal note from the event host and organiser Steve Bolton...
"A sincere thanks for your interest in this special event.
Having worked in the property sector for the past 15 years and the education sector for the last 30 years, I believe passionately in the economic, social and cultural right to adequate housing and shelter.
Like me, I'm sure that it shocks you how, in our first world society in Britian, hundreds of thousands of people still have no place to call home. 
To help address this issue, my main thrust historically has been the provision of high quality shared housing through the Platinum Property Partners network that I founded in 2007.  It’s with great pride that my team and our Franchise Partners have been able to create more than 6,000 affordable rental properties over that time.  
In addition to this, a good friend and I (Chris Cooper) with support from more than 3,000 landlords and tenants, the NLA, RLA, ARLA and SAL, challenged a George Osbourne instigated policy in 2016 with a high court judicial review.  We did this because we believed that the ‘Tenant Tax’ (Section 24) would drive an ever growing number of landlords out of the sector.  We also knew from evidence in other parts of the world that not only would this lead to a reduction in the number of homes to rent, but that rents would increase and ultimately, more people would become homeless. 
While our judicial review was ultimately thwarted, three things became clear to me as a result of being more broadly exposed to the housing sector and dealing with people at the highest levels, including the Chancellor (Hammond) and former Housing Minister (Barwell):

Firstly, the size and scale of the housing crisis is much bigger and broader than most people realise and without effective action, it will only get worse.  An estimated 170,000 (Crisis) to 320,000 (Shelter) individuals and families were registered homeless at the end of 2018.  The number of rough sleepers in Britain has doubled in five years and at least 38,000 homeless people are aged under 25.  
We cannot rely on ever-changing politicians and governments to solve the problem, it can only be solved by all sectors coming together and working together effectively. With seven housing ministers in the last eight years alone it’s highly unlikely that a political solution could ever be effective in isolation.
Solutions to ending homelessness have not only been found but they have been applied in others parts of the world to great effect - so why not in Britain?

Crisis, Homeless Link, Centrepoint and many other organisations working in the sector have been leading the way with their vision to end homelessness together.  I have been privileged to see the great work that they and others have been doing at first hand. 
This event will showcase not only the vision and plan that Crisis have, but we will also address the following core themes:

Funding. How can more funding be provided to support Crisis and thousands of other organisations working in the homelessness sector?
Housing.  How can homelessness be prevented in the first place and how can more homes be provided, with the apporoprate support services?
Education/Technology.  How can more high quality information and education be provided and how can technology be better utlised to educate, inform and assist all stakeholder groups. 

The evening is designed to provide a forum for inspiration, discussion and positive impact.  
Thank you for your interest in the event.  Places are strictly limited and donations will contribute to funding the event.  Any additional dontations will be sent to Crisis. 
Please feel free to contact my team and I at steve@stevebolton.com
Thank you for your support. 
Steve Bolton

Wednesday 3rd July - 6pm to 9pm
Bolt Head Office, The Auditorium, Huckletree West, MediaWorks Building, 191 Wood Lane, Shepherd's Bush, London, W12 7FP
Dress code? 
Alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks will be provided, along with a range of canapés (inc. vegetarian and vegan).
Cost: The event is being organised and funded by Steve Bolton and donations made. 
Places: Places are strictly limited and this will be the one and only launch event. 
Booking: To confirm your attendance, please click the link on this page to secure your ticket. You need to apply for one ticket per person. 
Thank you for your support.