01. March 2018 - 8:30
Pitman Training London, London
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Executive Assistant/PA Advanced Masterclass - 2 Day Course | Thursday, 01. March 2018

SUITABLE FOR: PAs, senior secretaries, management assistants and executive assistants who are looking to develop their role, improve their skills and seriously enhance their performance.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

Establish your role as an Executive PA and others’ expectations

Build a more successful working relationship with your manager

Apply the principles of assertive behaviour and how to communicate confidently

Plan and monitor ongoing tasks and projects successfully

Contribute effectively within meetings

Manage your time more effectively

Develop your role and take accountability

Develop tips and techniques for analysing problems and making decisions.


The Role of the PA / Executive Assistant

What skills and qualities you need to provide the proactive support your manager expects

Knowledge & awareness of the Four Working Styles

Identifying your strengths and aspects for development

Understanding the reality of your job

Analysing your role

Diary management

Managing yourself, your manager and the workload

Setting priorities and achieving deadlines

 Preparing and presenting information

On your own behalf / on behalf of your executive

 Decision making / problem solving

Developing a logical and objective approach

Looking at a decision from all points of view

Increase lateral thinking skills

 Building confidence and assertiveness

What is assertive behaviour and how to apply it

Communicating more effectively

Positive thinking building on a firm foundation

Taking more control and responsibility

Coping with “unreasonable” demands

Managing interruptions

Prioritising your work

Successful delegating

 Managing small projects / events

How to plan and think ahead for success

Tools and techniques to use

 Leadership motivation tools

Increasing your motivation to lead

 Controlling your anger before it controls you

Understand what causes your anger

Manage and reduce your angry reactions

Use problem solving / communication skills

 Action Planning

Working out a well-developed plan for change to transform your role and performance

CPD Certified – 12 Learning Hours, 12 Points