28. February 2018 - 19:00 till 21:30
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Funzing Talks: The Psychology of Fetishes | Wringer + Mangle Spitalfields | Wednesday, 28. February 2018

Doors at 7pm, Talk starts 7.30pm

Does leather do it for you or maybe you are into latex? Are you considering a group encounter or maybe you like to dress up. Some like rope some like silk, others may prefer vanilla but then some like it spicy as well.

I have a book that contains over one thousand different sexual fantasies and fetishes. Some are quite simple, some are more complex and adventurous, some are just downright bizarre but all will have a motivation at their core. If you have come across this in a relationship then unless you are both on board with the particular fantasy or ****** it can become an area of conflict and misunderstanding.

In this talk Colin will explain his theories on what makes each of us have a sexual fantasy or ******. We are not born with them so something must influence us to develop them and there must be a reason why we want to experience them. This talk briefly explores the possible biological, psychological and anthropological motivations that could be at the root of our sexual and emotional imaginations and behaviours.

****** – Any object or non-genital part of the body that causes an ****** response
Fantasy – An imagined sequence fulfilling a psychological need
Caution – This talk includes references to sexual practices so open-mindedness is essential if attending this talk


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