13. October 2036 - 11:00 till 14:00
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******* HORSE Farewell TOUR | 02 Arena | Monday, 13. October 2036

During the next ten years, ******* Horse will attain perfection, destroy the mainstream, duet with Celine Dion then consume Celine Dion's brain to gain her knowledge.

I'll be collaborating with Kanye West, Willie Nelson, Credible Electronic Dance Act A and Underground Techno Wunderkind B. Paul McCartney's preserved head will hire me to do all the thumbs up work he can no longer get around to. Mick Jagger will get me pregnant, R Kelly will get me pregnant and Miley Cyrus will get me pregnant.

******* Horse will invent a new genre called 'Mookies' which only sounds like 'Mookies'. People will argue what Mookies is in below the line comments then MookieLuv5893 will say that they liked Mookies before everyone else and everybody else will call MookieLuv5893 a **** and the circle of life will continue.

The numerous Grammy awards and industry baubles I'll receive will be a testament to my uncanny ability to walk a tightrope between chart success, critical acclaim and popularist applause; music will be utterly changed, both aurally and in terms of earth shattering social change.

So, in light of all this upcoming career elevation, I thought I'd plan my farewell tour now.