20. January 2020 - 14:00 till 17:00
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How much will it cost to develop my New Product and get it to market? | The British Library | Monday, 20. January 2020

New Product Development - Costs and Prices Workshop
 Bringing a New Product to market is usually a complex process with many steps along the way.
 Here are some of those activities:
Idea concept ● Market testing ● Researching IP opportunities / impediments ● Checking standards ● Proof-of-principle prototype ● Protype testing ● Initial design ● Prototyping ● User Testing ● Third-party-test-house? ● Registering IP ● Working with a designer / manufacturing consultant ● Finding a manufacturer ● Detail design for manufacture ● Production Tooling ● Sourcing samples ● Checking the quality ● Designing and sourcing packaging ● Sourcing small batches ● Sourcing production batches ● Product liability insurance ● Product launch ● Licensing opportunities
Quite often the lone entrepreneur has a bright, innovative idea and sets out along a path to turn that bright idea into a successful product launch. Here is a warning:
For that successful, ****** company, it is likely that bringing their next product to the market will cost more than they, with all their experience, had estimated
For the inexperienced developer, it is not uncommon that they hit costs for services whose existence they didn’t know but which are highly desirable / mandatory.
Recent attendees wrote:
 'Bob is professional, precise and positive. The course is insightful and gives you a clear route-map leaving you ready to take the next steps and what those steps should be' – ‘Suited what I needed at the time; very relevant’ - ‘Exceptional presentation, very informative’ – ‘Wonderfully informative’ – ‘I particularly like the real-life examples’ – ‘Interesting and good tailoring to participants’
   This workshop explores the activities involved in bringing a physical product to market (not for APPs, or services). It will advise on typical costs for each stage. It will be suitable for those contemplating their first project – or for those who have already been through the process.