14. January 2018 - 14:00
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How to Practice African Spirituality for Beginners | Conway Hall | Sunday, 14. January 2018

Our ancestors are within us, their wisdom is imbedded in our DNA, waiting for us to raise our inner frequencies and release it. In this course we take you on a journey of self, we begin explaining who you are, what you are and the purpose of our ancestors. The course will empower you with a clear and concise breakdown of modern day African Spirituality so you’ll never again neglect your spiritual development and spiritual self.

In very precise and practical steps, each week show you how to spiritually cleanse your mind, spirit and home. The course breaks down how to connect to your ancestors, work with them to verify how they’re guiding you through life’s challenges and to your personal destiny. You will also learn how to maintain spiritual health and avoid manifesting illness in the body, including how sexual spiritual dis-ease affects all aspects of your life. The course introduces the power behind speaking your own language and how your past lives have set the foundation for your current experience. Over the 12 weeks you will acquire and master the tools to understanding and cultivating all that your family and ancestral linage need now and for future generations to come.

Teacher: Edison Agbandje

Additional Student Support:

Group and one to one tutoring sessions

Email support

Comprehensive reading and study materials

Class notes and slides on request

Class experiments and practical work

Syllabus: Coming Soon
  • A quick reminder that in this weeks class we'll be learning how to use the cowrie shells to communicate with our ancestors. If you have a set please remember to bring them, if not we'll have some available for sale before class. £5 a set. See you on Sunday. Ase
  • Dear class, Thank you for such a phenomenal first day. Really appreciate the vibrations and energy across all the sessions. Some of the reflections are humbling. If you know someone who'd like to join or would love this teaching please spread the word. I'd be great to fill the last few seats. Can't wait for next week. To your spiritual growth and personal development. #artoflife #debatelistengrow Ase
  • Dear Intellects & Thinkers, Just two days until our study program begins. We cannot be more excited. During the course please feel free to share your questions, thoughts, and comments via this page. We can also share books, notes, exercises and experiences as we go. If you haven't already registered tomorrow is the last chance. We've just 4 or 5 remaining spaces for each session so we strongly recommend doing it now to avoid disappointment. Remember you can pay class fees in installments so hurry and get it done. https://www.panafricanthought.com/event/how-to-practice-african-spirituality-for-beginners/ See you on Sunday #artoflife #debatelistengrow The Centre
  • RECOMMENDED READING: Great introduction to African Spirituality #artoflife #debatenlistengrow
  • RECOMMENDED READING: Study materials for those who've registered on the course #artoflife #debatelistengrow
  • Radio interview with our African Spirituality teacher Edison Agbandje​. Here he breaks down what you will learn in each session of our 12-week program that starts on Sunday. Last few spaces available here: https://www.panafricanthought.com/event/how-to-practice-african-spirituality-for-beginners/ #artoflife #debatelistengrow
  • Dear intellects and thinkers, it's just 12 days to go until we begin our first ever study programs at The Centre. We are super excited to begin this chapter of our business. For those who've registered here is a link to the official timetable: https://www.panafricanthought.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Spirituality-Timetable.pdf Spaces are now filling up fast so If you haven't already registered we strongly advise doing so asap. If you're still wondering whether to enroll, as well as the syllabus, we have two workshops on Friday 5th and Tues 9th to sample the content and meet your tutors. All details and booking details are on the website. Ankh Uj Snb Peace Health & Prosperity
  • THREE WAYS REGISTER 1. Email a name, address and contact number to spirituality@panafricanthought.com and a member of our team will call back to confirm your booking. 2. Call the office on 0203 828 7129 between 9am - 6pm 3. Book directly through eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/how-to-practice-african-spirituality-for-beginners-tickets-39623222124 Regarding tuition fees, please note there is an option to pay with an instalment plan and spread the cost. Our registration team will go through the options when we call to complete the booking. However this option isn't available through if you pay through eventbrite.
  • Ladies and Gents, link below outlines exactly what's in the course. #artoflife https://issuu.com/panafricanthought/docs/african_20spirituality_20syllabus_l
  • Looking forward to syllabus.. Be good to have an overview or insight into what will be convert during the 12 weeks, and what one can expect to achieve at the end of it.
  • Dear Intellects and Thinkers, thank you for the interest in this course. Please note this is 12 week study program that breaks down each of the subject areas touched on in the workshop. The minimum commitment is once a week attendance. We'll shortly be releasing a syllabus with instructions on how to register. If you were on the waitlist from those workshops that syllabus will be sent to your inbox first. Any questions please don't hesitate to DM or call us for further details. The Centre