10. December 2019 - 9:00 till 12:00
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How YOU can attract more clients to your business - Client Attraction Strategy - London | K West Hotel & Spa | Tuesday, 10. December 2019

Do you offer an advisory, creative, consulting or coaching style service but it is proving more difficult to sell than you anticipated?

Perhaps it feels like something isn't working or a piece of the picture is missing?
or would you just like to find a way to make the sales process easier?

This workshop/programme is designed to give you the clarity and help you define your business so that you become a more attractive proposition for your ideal clients.

Client Attraction Strategy (CAS) is a programme that shows business leaders how to make their company more relevant to their ideal clients and increase their sales outcomes.

What does the programme cover?The more relevant you are, the more interesting you will become. This programme will guide you in how to define your business so you can create more sales outcomes.

There are two key elements of this programme:

The four elements of resonance.

The four circle sales process.

By using these two models, we will show you exactly how you can communicate your value, create more inbound interest and close more clients without any high-pressure tactics.

The Agenda
9:00am  - Arrival & Coffee
9:15am - How CAS works in businesses
9:30am - Understanding the mind of the buyer
10:00am - Understanding the four elements
10:30am - Understanding the four circles of sales.
11:00am - Building your CAS Model
11:45am - Q&A
*This agenda is for guidance only*

What are the outcomes?This programme will show you how to communicate your value to the market in a way which creates more inbound enquiries.
You’ll have an understanding of how to use and implement CAS into your business.
You will be able to craft messages and marketing programmes which will attract more interest from your ideal clients and have an understand of processes you can use to convert interest into a sales outcome.