10. September 2019 - 19:00 till 22:00
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THE IMPORTANCE OF PLANNING: History & Wealth Mastery with Robin Walker | Bridge Park Community Leisure Centre | Tuesday, 10. September 2019

CALLING NORTH WEST LONDON! Robin Walker ‘The Black History Man’ together with Black History Knowledge are hosting another inspirational History & Wealth Mastery Lecture
This empowering workshop will teach you your history. It will also show you how to practically use the lessons learned from that history to financially empower yourself and the Community through personal development, money management, business, and entrepreneurship.
THE IMPORTANCE OF PLANNING: Wealth Principle from the Mansas of Mali
 Tuesday 10 September 2019, 7.00pm
North West London
WHAT IS ‘THE IMPORTANCE OF PLANNING: Wealth Principle from the Mansas of Mali’?’
In this motivational lecture/workshop, Robin Walker will explain the Wealth Principle we can learn from the Mansas of Mediaeval Mali Empire – implementing long term plans. Planning made Mali the richest country in the 14th century world. For you, planning will chart your individual plans ‘off the plantation’ … towards building passive income streams … and towards financial freedom!
‘The Black History Man’ will also explain:
* Who were the Mansas of Mali?
* Why is Mansa Musa of special inspiration to Fortune Builders?
* What 6 policies did the Mansas of Mali (and their Ghanaian predecessors) implement to build massive wealth?
* Why is personal planning ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for all Fortune Builders?
* What are the details that should go into a personal plan?
The content of this session should be of interest to:
* Beginners interested in learning Black History but do not know where to start
* Adults interested in personal development, money management, business, and entrepreneurship
* Activists interested in West African heritage
* Community members interested in deepening their knowledge of Black History
* Anyone who wants to advance wealth building in the Community
Robin Walker ‘The Black History Man’ is the leading Black Studies educator of the last twenty-five years. He has educated thousands of adults through his Personal Development, Black History, and African Studies programmes. He is the author of the classic When We Ruled and the best sellers: The Rise and Fall of Black Wall $treet and Black British History: Black Influences on British Culture 1948 to 2016. He appeared in the documentaries: The African History of Sport, Ancestral Voices 2, and Hidden Colors 4.
Devon Morgan of Black History Knowledge has hosted Black Studies lectures and courses in North West London over the last few years. He is an author in his own right. His best-known works are Demystifying Cancer, The Undisputed Autobiography of God, and Love of Money Root of All Evil? Greatest Lie Ever Sold.
For GENERAL ADMISSION the lecture/workshop costs £10 to attend. You MUST buy your tickets in advance.
Date: Tuesday 10 September 2019
Time: 7.00 to 10.00pm
Robin’s and Devon’s books will be on sale at the event.
Conference Suite, Bridge Park Community Leisure Centre, Harrow Road, NW10 0RG, North West London
Doors open: 7.00pm
Train: Stonebridge Park
Underground: Stonebridge Park (Bakerloo Line)
Bus: 18, 112
Parking: There is a car park at the venue