27. April 2020 - 18:30
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Leading in Uncertainty | Goldsmiths, University of London | Monday, 27. April 2020

We are living in a time when uncertainty is continually present, making the ability to embrace uncertainty and use it to your advantage incredibly important. This leadership skills course will help you develop the tools to survive and thrive in times of uncertainty.
This course is for anyone in a leadership position who is experiencing, or expecting uncertainty in their work. It remains relevant regardless of whether you are experiencing uncertainty internally, or due to external factors.
This course is delivered in partnership with industry leaders in executive education, inchigo, facilitators, coaches and personal development specialists who support business through their common mission: to make profitable enterprise, social engagement and human development one and the same.
Why take the Leadership in Uncertainty short course at Goldsmiths?

Grow your understanding of how to reframe uncertainty in the workplace, and use it to positively impact your work.
Refine your ability to see problems and obstacles presented by uncertainty from new angles.
Explore your identity as a leader, and learn how too wield in periods of uncertainty.
Develop techniques which enable teams and organisations to thrive during uncertainty, by tapping into collective wisdom and celebrating diversity.
Learn how Identity, Connection, Purpose, and Enquiry – the four content areas on this course – are both tools and mindsets with which to survive and thrive in uncertainty.

Research Project
You will be asked to engage in a “Leadership Research Project”, during which you will apply the content of this course to your particular work circumstances and dynamics. You will be asked to bring your findings to later programme sessions, and will receive feedback from the course tutor, other participants, and, where appropriate, the organisation you work for. Because of the iterative approach to the project, and the context of real-world data and situations, this course has the potential to very quickly begin to positively impact your working life.
Tutor Information
Russell Saunders, Facilitator, Coach, Consultant Partner of inchigo and The OceanTree Group.
Russell Saunders is a highly sought after and skilled facilitator, coach and MC who is equally comfortable and effective working with individuals, teams or large groups.
He began his working life in sports and then shifted sharply into the Performing Arts before jumping into business.
He utilises his passion for the development of people and organizations and his experience of working with the senior levels of many businesses to create programmes that explore the skills, the mind-set and the techniques for Leadership, Engagement and Change.
Russell has worked extensively with large multinational companies such as Philips, Airbus, McDonald’s, Exxon Mobil, Unilever, Countrywide and GSK as well as smaller organizations.
His projects have included work on Uncertainty, Collaboration, Engagement, Leadership Development, Culture Merging, Communication and Strategy Development.
Before joining inchigo, Russell started four organisations – two consulting companies, a theatre company and a pop-up restaurant. Through both failures and successes, he has learned a huge amount about the “real world” application of his work. These experiences enable him to deeply understand the context and operational environment for those participating on his programmes and to design interventions that are rooted in the needs of those attending.
Russell is an NLP Practitioner, a certified TetraMap facilitator and familiar with many other psychometrics and is particularly interested in themes of identity and connection and challenging people to authentically stretch their leadership and communication styles to enable them to achieve their personal, strategic and organisational goals.
Russell is a Partner of inchigo and The OceanTree Group. The OceanTree Group is dedicated to creating a profitable, sustainable and meaningful world for the greater good of all, by integrating economic, social and human value
This is a 10 week course, with a break on Bank Holiday 25th May 2020